Another Round Candles

Created with bottles collected from friends, family and local restaurants, each of our candles are carefully hand-cut and hand-poured with premium soy wax and fragrances that mimic your favorite wines, liquors, and experiences.


Our Candles Burn Clean

Another Round Candles is different than other candles, because we use premium soy wax, which burns cleanly with no black smoke.

Once you burn our candles, you'll never go back to the big box store candles.

Scents for Every Occasion

Need Convincing?

I love the fact that these candles burn so clean and have a soft, gentle scent that comes from natural ingredients, such as mandarin and pine.


These candles are simply amazing! There are so many varieties and aromas to choose from. The scents are very different from the usual store bought candles, and they use only the best ingredients in making them. Another Round is definitely an innovative chandler!


I've personally experienced the wonderful therapeutic candles she makes. I can only imagine how many individuals will benefit from her magical work during these difficult times.


I haven't been burning candles lately until I discovered Another Round candles, as so many others aggravate my asthma.  Another Round soy candles burn clean and their scents are very natural and not overpowering.  I have purchased at least 8 candles so far and love them all - there were so many great scents, I couldn't decide.  They make great hostess or thank you gifts - my son-in-law loved the apple/bourbon, my girlfriend loved mimosa/mandarin and my favorite is amber tobacco!  I enjoy wine and appreciate the fact that they are made from recycled wine bottles.  


I love my new candles! Ordering was easy, packaging is very professional and my house smells wonderful without being overpowering!! 


Love my new candles! My home smells amazing and the candles look beautiful in my home too.